Mladen Antonic

SHORT DOC – Mladen, the one armed painter from Maarten Kal on Vimeo.

Mladen Antonic (1950) was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia. At a young age he started with painting and he developed his painting skills during his study in Zagreb. After college Mladen decided to leave Croatia and he lived and exhibited in different places in Europe such as London and Montenegro.

Since the early nineties Mladen Antonic lives and works in Amsterdam. In 2001 a tragic accident overcame him. While swimming in the North Sea he was run over by a speedboat and he lost his left arm.

The exhibition at Gallery Vriend van Bavink shows work that Mladen Antonic made after the accident. The work contains strong emotional expressions about how the artist experienced and processed the accident with the speedboat. In an abstract and subtle manner, Mladen Antonic bravely gives an insight on how a tragic personal event is experienced.

Mladen Antonic
21 januari – 4 februari 2011
Opening: 21 januari 17:00

Galerie Vriend van Bavink
Geldersekade 58, Amsterdam